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Custom Tartan Cufflinks

Custom Tartan Cufflinks

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If you're looking for a certain tartan, we're here to help! Tartan cufflinks are the perfect little memorable gift. Adding your family tartan makes a great personal touch.

Please get in contact with us prior to purchase so that we can ensure your tartan is available. Once confirmed we'll let you know when they are ready! From ordering production is approx. 5-7 working days before shipping.

Please note that we use only a snippet of the overall tartan. This may result in it not being completely obvious as your requested tartan and no two pairs may be identical. If you do require a certain colour or section of the tartan please let us know and we'll do our best to highlight it if possible. 

MATERIAL - Made in a luxurious lightweight pure wool, woven right here in Scotland. The 16mm stainless steel casing showcases your personal choice of tartan.

Each item will come in it's own eco friendly and recyclable cufflink presentation box. As with all our materials we strive to minimise wastage. 

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