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Happy New Year, Happy New Look!

Updated: Jan 13

Firstly a Happy new year to you! It's 2023 (already) and we welcome you to a whole bunch of new and exciting things across our website. Last year we spend time thinking about the direction of our work and the improvements we would like to make. Now as a new year dawns it's never been a better time to start implementing some of those ideas into reality.

So you may have noticed the new name?? Yes! As The Bowtie Boutique has been our brand since 2014 and as we made decisions to have a bit of a refresh we also decided to really reinforce our roots, processes and products. Hence the simplicity of The Perthshire Bowtie Co. This is the heart of where we are and what we do.

We have also been moving toward a more sustainable way of working. This has come to the forefront for many businesses which is a marvellous thing. We have always been conscious of our impact and always offered a more economical way of working. Such as working from a home studio, working in small batches and using eco friendly and recyclable packaging. This year we hope to improve on those processes and we will be working with predominately natural materials and fabrics which are sustainably produced and pass the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

So as well as these changes (and a few more in the pipeline) we hope that you enjoy our refreshed site and love our new line of more sustainable bowties and matching accessories all produced right here in Perthshire, Scotland!

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